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NUVO Lighting (A Divison of Satco)

NUVO Lighting


Founded in 1966, Satco is well known as a premier supplier of a variety of lighting products. The Satco organization is a family owned and operated business with warehouse distribution and sales locations in New York, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle and San Juan, Puerto Rico totaling 1.2 million square feet. Additionally, there are Satco Express locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, St. Louis, Missouri, Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon.


Under the Satco brand, the company has sold hundreds of styles of builder oriented lighting fixtures, track lighting and lamps through its showroom and electrical distributor channel. Satco Logistics, a division which sells component parts to lighting fixture manufacturers is another area in which Satco has developed an unsurpassed understanding of the lighting fixture market.


With the company's keen understanding of the lighting fixture industry and three years of development, on June 23, 2005, Satco launched a new division - Nuvo Lighting. Nuvo Lighting is uniquely, poised to become one of the industry's leaders. With the sales and distribution resources of Satco Products and the continued offering of finely conceived, well crafted products that deliver style, value and quality - Nuvo is a name that will become synonymous with lighting.


Aware of the competitive marketplace that exists in the lighting industry, Satco recognized that Nuvo Lighting needed to be more than a quality offering of well-designed lighting fixtures; a 350,000 square-foot central distribution center was purchased in Dallas, Texas for the Nuvo line. And, one of the industry's most extensive R&D programs has been dedicated to developing the latest in LED technology for new high-efficiency lines of Nuvo luminaires.


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